Client Service Approach

Our mission is to help our clients and our people excel. The professional excellence we bring to our engagement, both in the quality of our people and assurance is multifaceted. It starts with the right tone at the top: an emphasis on integrity and doing the right thing. We adhere to a rigorous set of client service standards that are grounded in a total quality management philosophy.

Our business outlook process enables us, with management input, to take a 360 Degree view of the organization through the perspective of a model of corporate governance and management responsibility. The process comprises of following stages:

1. In-depth research, including the use of our proprietary knowledge base, best practices database and consulting in-house industry experts.

2. Identification of key business risks. We focus on those risks in the business cycle which are deemed most likely to occur and which would have the highest impact.

3. Our approach is designed to align ourselves to the client's expectations, business objectives and the related business risks. In this way, we appropriately position ourselves to add value.

4. A framework for dialogue with the management so as to add internal insights to our external analysis.

5. A management forum, where we put forward our conclusions and confirm our understanding with management.

6. A report summarizing the strategic issues, management priorities, matters to be addressed during our engagement and other action points for us to address in order to ensure delivering of premier service.