Enterprise Risk Services

Technological innovation, globalization, complex regulation and increased accountability at the senior management and board levels have all combined to significantly change the landscape of risk management today. Managing risk has become increasingly complex due to the new "Network Economy" and the emerging risks of e-business from online security to customer privacy.

To help the market cope, new positions, tools, rules and even language have been created. There are new executive positions, such as chief risk officer, chief security officer and chief privacy officer. There also has been a proliferation of risk management software and other technology solutions as well as new regulation mandating certain risk management practices related to security, privacy, operations, compliance and economic exposures. Indeed, the term "enterprise risk management" (ERM) has become part of the general business vocabulary.

In response to these changing conditions, and to continue to help clients succeed, ADACO has made major investments in their clients; people; tools, technology and methodologies. As a result, we can provide clients with solutions from a full range of consulting and assurance services, from assessment to transformation, involving process redesign and technology implementation. Our services at ERS include:

  • Internal Audit Services.
  • Control Assurance Services.

Internal Audit

Internal audit has changed dramatically in recent years, evolving from a traditional auditing role, with a charter of protecting enterprise value, to that of an internal consultant, with increasing organization wide pressure to enhance shareholder value.

We take a risk-based approach to internal audit to help clients improve performance and operating efficiency. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients, providing the full range of services-such as helping to design a strategic plan for internal audit, reengineering existing departments, providing specialized resources, or completely outsourcing the entire internal audit function.

We have the knowledge, technology, and experience across a broad spectrum of industries, along with a distinctive approach, that make us uniquely qualified to help. We work closely with our clients to build world-class internal audit processes that become critical in helping management assess the current situation and strengthen the entire organization.

Control Assurance Services

Through our control assurance services we can help you identify, develop, and test internal control policies and procedures within business process and information technology environments. These services may be provided as part of an internal audit or audit of financial statements, or as individual projects resulting from major organizational changes, implementation of new technologies, or reliance on third-party service providers.

In addition, we provide assurance in connection with custom system development projects and applications requiring the testing of data quality and integrity. We also help our clients achieve reasonable assurance of end-to-end availability of essential business practices through our business continuity management services.