Information Technology Risk Services (ITRS)

Information technology should improve business results. ADACO helps companies make sure it does. We look at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our clients' business needs. Our experts provide an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets. We draw on global experience across industries and technologies to help solve companies' most complex IT challenges.

We share our clients' ambitions. We work to understand their reality and deliver true results - focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. We align our incentives with our clients' objectives, so they know we're in it together.

We bring a full range of IT capabilities to a variety of IT business situations, including:

  • Information Security Policy & Procedures Development
  • Systems Security Guidelines
  • Application Technical & User Documentation
  • Business Requirement Document (BRD) & Functional Specification Document (FSD)
  • Application Review
  • Information System Audits
  • Information Security Audit
  • Penetration Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Development
  • It Audit Training


Information Security Policy & Procedures Development

Security policies are the basis and fundamental for an overall security posture of an organization, and to provide governance and guidance. The implementation and operation of any security solution without appropriate policies, and procedures may result in inaccurate and ineffective security controls, and higher risks. Based on our information security expertise, in-depth knowledge of industry practices and experience of developing and reviewing security policies and procedures, we have formulated a methodical process that ensures clarity, consistency, completeness of the developed policies and procedures, to ascertain that all your business and IT control requirements are met.

Systems Security Guidelines

We provide service in preparing platform specific security guidelines of Operating Systems and Databases which provides specific instructions to the technicians responsible for configuring or maintaining the security of systems and will help avoid weakening of system controls. These guidelines are provided to the staff responsible for system configuration with specific instructions to configure and manage systems as per the leading practice that supports the local environment.

Application Technical & User Documentation

IT departments sometime cannot spare time to complete the documentation; you will receive our assistance in putting these together. Technical documentation includes documentation of application software based on the standards and globally recognized best practices for Software Development Life Cycle. User documentation provides detailed descriptions of each feature of the program, and the various steps required to invoke it.

Business Requirement Document (BRD) & Functional Specification Document (FSD)

Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) are written to define the requirements of a business process or a system that needs to support a business process. You will receive our service in preparation of BRD which contains the business requirements that are to be met and fulfilled by the system under development. These requirements specify "what" the system must do in order to fulfil the requirements of the business. Further, our service in preparation of Functional Specification Documents (FSDs) will also be provided that defines "how" the system will accomplish the requirements by outlining the functionality and features that will be supported by the system. Ideally, the functionality of the system will be described in logical terms so that the FSD is technology and platform independent. This gives the architects and developers more freedom in making development and design decisions about the physical design of the system.

Application Review

In this service area your software applications will be examined to identify abnormalities, process inadequacies and control weaknesses. These reviews are conducted to determine application performance with regard to functionality, security and controls.

Information System Audits

You will receive our service in carrying out IS Audits to determine whether the information systems and related resources adequately safeguard assets, maintain data and system integrity, provide relevant and reliable information, achieve organizational goals effectively, consume resources efficiently, and have effective internal controls that provide reasonable assurance that business, operational and control objectives will be met and that undesired events will be prevented, or detected, or corrected, in a timely manner.

Information Security Audit

Information security audit is a technical assessment that provides an independent evaluation of an organization's security policies & procedures, security control measures, and practices for protection of information from loss, damage, unintended disclosure, or denial of availability. We provide service in performing Information security audit through understanding the information technology environment by conducting interviews, vulnerability scans, examination of system settings, and network and communication analyses. It is intended to assess the current security compared to leading practices. This yields a comprehensive insight into the IT environment, while also uncovering any gap between the perceived state of security and the actual implementation.

Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing is the process of proactively identifying and quantifying the information security risks to enterprise technology assets. The penetration test aims to identify the vulnerabilities and exploit weaknesses of the target networks, systems and applications. It is performed by attempting to gain access to a network, systems and data through activities simulating attacks from various threat groups. Tests can range from an overview of the security environment identifying the vulnerabilities, to attempted exploitation with the intent of obtaining unauthorized access to the network, systems and applications. A penetration test subjects an organizations information technology environment to real-world attacks, and identifies the degree to which the information systems can be compromised. You will receive internal and external penetration testing services, using international testing methodologies and best commercial and open source tools.

Quality Assurance

There are many benefits of having an independent software testing partner instead of in-house testing. Independent testers and test consultants bring a much-needed impartiality to the testing processes for better quality, and in-house personnel are freed up to focus on their core business activities. Independent testing brings with it the best-of-breed quality management processes, because that is their core business activity. We provide these benefits and more as your software quality assurance (SQA) partner.

Software Development

Our software engineering process collects and translates your business requirements into imaginative technology solutions that become reality with custom software development. Our software application development services deliver efficient and reliable custom software systems for you, including core business applications and supporting tools/utilities.

It Audit Training

The role of Information Technology in today's business environment has undergone tremendous change over the last few years. Today's organizations are fast incorporating IT in their business processes to achieve efficiency, to serve their customers satisfactorily and to expand and modernize their product offerings. In such a scenario, the need for Information Security and related controls has become more important. As the information systems audit, control, risk, compliance and security professions have evolved, experienced practitioners have sought ways to promote their hard-earned knowledge and expertise to the business world. We are actively involved in disseminating guidance to various industries and professionals and provide trainings on Information Systems Audit as per your training requirements. The logistics, venue etc. for the training may be arranged by yourself or by us, depending upon your preference.